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STRATEGY increasing popularity WEBSITE

Search engine optimalization (SEO) or search engine optimization really is an eye not only increased activity in the rankings in search engines. But more on the optimization of various components in the web page to be readable and easily searchable by visitors. Because with the optimal management of components in your site, then automatically search engines will consider your site important enough to be seen.
Through the algorithm used by each search engine, sites that are considered important sites based on keywords or specific keywords will be displayed in the home page or even the early sequence in the list of sites that search engines are presented to the user. This will benefit every owner of the site, especially companies that want to access their site first.
Even for companies that use adwords or advertisement run by google, high rankings can make one of the causes of the rise where the position of the company's advertising, so not surprisingly, often times you'll see ads ads that appear on the right side of search results seize each other to occupy the top of the ad groups that appear.
In addition, the more information presented will be the more keywords that can be created based on the text. That need to be careful is the inclusion of keywords and information that deliberately created to trap visitors. Write a fake article with the same letter color with the background so as not to appear by the visitors but still be recorded by search engines, often used by web managers to deceive search engines in the recording process of the search list. Illegal techniques belonging to the "Black Hat SEO" has also been successfully detected by google.

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