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Connection TRACK IS ON

Browser, email client, messenger and has become the standard for computer programs connected to the internet. Each program is often access more than one address at the same time.
Suppose you have five POP3 email accounts are integrated in Microsoft outlook, then at the same time the outlook will not connect to five servers and at the same time. Not to mention if you open more than one site while downloading files on the internet, certainly tens of connections will be formed at the same time.
The more obvious if your network was infected with the worm. You certainly can not monitor what the connection is in progress.
For these purposes you can use statistical network programs that run under the command prompt. How to operate are:
1. Run the command prompt via Start menu> all programs> accessories> command prompt or click cmd in the Start menu.
2. Type netstat on command prompt window that appears. A moment later the window will display the active connections in four columns: proto, local address, foreign address and state.

The first column shows the type of proto ssedang protocol active, whether it was TCP UDP ataukan. While in the second column, local address will be shown a computer that tries to connect it with the port number.
In the foreign address column showing the current destination address access by the local address and the last column shows how the condition netstat connections, still waiting or are still in other conditions.

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