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Can not be denied, the proper use and maximum takes time, practice, diligence and sacrifice themselves, following some pemmikiran to secure the Windows system in general are as follows:
1.Turn on windows defender. with Turn on this feature, the benefits would be inhibit, at least some, worms or bad programs that try to infiltrate and damage your system.
2.Turn on Windows Firewall. These features, in addition to protecting conetion network, then some windows internal components will be more awake. Because it would take is monitored by the windows firewall.
3. Turn on the automatic update. This is to keep the security data become more intelligent programs from time to time the alias is not outdated.
4.regularly check the status of data confiration with Msconfig.who know, there is a change unwanted data. Such as the demise of UAP. or at the startup of new orders appeared.
5.cek up existing user account, if there is a change
6.learn more and leverage more ceriusly.cause tools windows vista power can be controlled with existing tools in this group. Heart care!
7. after using the Internet exploler and change the security system or setting, get used to pressing the reset button all existing defaults on the Advanced tab so that exploler Internet settings back to default conditions.


Windows Defender is a feature that is in windows vista. The program formerly known as Windows Antispyware. with this feature, is expected to protect computer systems by periodically perform disk scanning for malware. If it is found malware program, it will be quarantined or deleted. than intu, windows Defender will also check the location of the system prone locations. He will check that the file is run with a data base that has spywawre.
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