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After running the registry tricks, but it did not change the way you want, could be a setting in the file C: \ windows \ WIN.INI overwrite the settings of your registry files. Although the presence of mainly WIN.INI file for applications kompalilitas with the old version windows application, windows still will prioritize 98 different settings in it. For example setting for the wallpaper, fonts on the desktop and international settings all appear in the WIN.INI as in the registry.
Before any change of the content registry, a good idea to check first with the help of WIN.INI file or the system editor notepad (sysedit), then delete the line setting lines that collide with registry settings.
If the video card in your computer only a simple type that is not equipped with graphics accelerators, you do not need too discouraged. There are still alternatives to improve performansinya, with how to turn off animated display that appears every time you minimize and maximize an application window.
Run regedit, and then move to the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ controlpanel \ desktop \ windowmetric. Right-click an empty area in the right pane, and select new-string value. The new object called minanimate, then hit enter. Double click on the object, and then type the value 0. Finally, out of regedit and restart Windows 98. From now on you can minimize and maximize any application window quickly.


Company Formations
DVD has many advantages compared to the format previous generation Company Formation">video format. One obvious feature is the quality of the film itself. Film DVD format has a resolution much better compared to VCD or laser disc.
Second, most have original DVD features the film rating that can be used to control the type of movie that you can play the DVD player. Parental control feature is very important especially if you putrid son often uses computers to watch DVDs. With the right settings, you can block that movie film is rated for 17 years and over. Here's how to set up its settings:
1. Click Start> All programs> windows media player.
2. At a media player program, select menu tools
3. Then click the options on the menu
4. Turn on the DVD tab is in options window
5. Click the change ... which is located in the brain DVD playback restrictions.
6. In the new window that appears, select the type of movie ratings to the block.
7. To block rated movies 17 years and over, select the option NC - 17
8. Save changes by clicking OK and Ok again.
9. Now you can try it, whether the film is successful in block or not.
10. With the right settings, windows media player can choose a proper media is playing


Today many people use PCs to perform activities such as reading email, office tasks, browsing the Internet and of course much more to be done by the user's PC. In addition the PC can also be used as a medium of entertainment. PC users can easily enjoy this service for the purposes of entertainment out of bed via a remote control, despite the available mouse and keyboard on your premises.
Windows Media Center can also allow you to enjoy live television broadcast or a recorded broadcast. In addition, you can listen to music, view photos, enjoy movies and other entertainment media online.
If your PC is not in living room, no problem!. With windows media center extender lets you to use remote windows media center you from another room in your house.
This feature has a very rapid progress, such as easy navigation, ability to view and access the content on some of the screen. Windows media center also provides services to archive television show in DVD. Beside that you will enjoy the performance more quickly when you interact with digital media with a large amount.
Simple and clean appearance while you enjoy your desktop with windows aero features a transparent and very smooth animation. So that will give satisfaction when you enjoy the home entertainment service.
Windows Media center is designed for a wide range of display and input methods. So that the windows Media Center functions can also be optimized using the remote control, mouse and keyboard, touch screen or with a tablet PC.
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