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Ideally, all data is stored on servers in the company's data centers, institutions or organizations. As performed at the bank the bank, the server data is systematically backed up is always at other locations, so that in case of natural disasters such as the primary data center is flooded, fire or destruction by the time the data was still available at the secondary location.
Means of backing up the most possible we use a USB flash disk. The price is getting cheaper and kapasitasnyapun doubled. One of the leading manufacturer of flash disks in the world, such as flash disk has a capacity to offer 32, 64 and 128 GB. There were now equipped with flash disk hardware-based security 256-bit AES. Although very practical, problem with quite a lot of flash disk. Because of the small easily lost, damaged or affected by the virus.
So how to back up our important data? Now there are many online data storage services. Of course we must have Internet access to upload and download. Online data storage services similar to our documents left in the bank, will provide a password and use encryption for security.
But we should not keep data on supersensitive online back up service, because it can be opened. We also have to find service providers who can guarantee they will be able to restore the data that we Leave. There is also offering attractive features, such as the possibility of looking for a specific file in our folder tree.
What is clear, do not use the notebook to store sensitive data. Supersensitive data should be backed up in a large external hard drive with proven reputation and should keep well in good order not to fall in the hands of people who are not entitled to use it.


Firmware is between hardware and software, firmr is softar stored in non volatile mmory in the PC. Examples of system firmware is the BIOS. However, the system BIOS firmware is not the only one present in your system. Almost all devices, such as video cards, sound cards, network cards, RAID controllers, hard drives and optical drives, have their own firmware.
You should continue to monitor and update the motherboard BIOS the other firmware, but hatihati in choosing to use updates. Once again, if it is not broke, do not fix it. But sometimes that decision depends on the age of the device. Newly released devices usually have a few updates at the beginning of the cycle circulation. Over time, update the firmware from a little less and tend to be only minor repairs or adding features.
However, the CD / DVD burner included in the exemption. Firmware on the CD / DVD burner has a writing technique that allows the drive to use the maximum writing techniques to various types of media. When there is a new media type is introduced, optical drive manufacturers to update their firmware to support the media.

Cykelbud som flyttemand!

Det er billigere og mere miljøvenligt, og det kan liiiiige være på cyklen. Nu mangler Geo bare sin sofa.


"Azure window is operating system that runs on the cloud. With azure windows, we can easily build applications and manage applications we have made over the cloud "
Current technological developments powerful applications, web-based application that appeared recently. Of course, building this application is not easy, various problems arise when we build a great application which of course requires no small amount of resources.
In October 2008 and Microsoft launched a new platform called Azure window, windows azure an operating system for the cloud that will help you to build and manage your applications within a hosting cloud.
Above azure windows already have a variety of services that are running and ready to support your application to be hosting, for example, service life, the Net service, SQL service. So if your application requires SQL service, you do not have to bother to install the SQL server first. But if you live using share point services are already available in windows azure. You do not have to bother thinking about infrastructure because your focus azure to business applications that will you please tell me.
Understanding CLOUD
Cloud is a collection of some of servers and supporting elements such as elements switch, firewall, etc blades. Could be said cloud is a data center or even more than one data center. Similarly, the engine computer, we can install operating systems on the cloud, then we can build and run services on the cloud.
Unlike the traditional operating system can only manage a computer machine, the azure window operating system for regulating the cloud data center infrastructure globally. The data center infrastructure is certainly very complex, ranging from processors, motherboards, blades, rack, container, until the elements supporting the existing networks in data centers connected to each other. Window azure manage all these complex elements for your convenience in building applications you want.
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