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It is undeniable that the needs of current graphics card is very important, especially for those of you who enjoy playing games or you are a graphic design wrestle. Along with the growing development of new games games currently are not just hungry for disk space, CPU resources, RAM capacity, also very hungry for the performance of graphics cards, so the research and technology of each component producers are competing to create the PC components really really good.
Especially for graphics cards, the most market share of currently held by producers from ATI (AMD) and nVIDIA. Where the two manufacturers are vying with each other to give the best products for consumers. Each of the two manufacturers has dual graphics technology excellence. ATI called the ATI CrossFire technology. And nvidia call with SLI technology (scaleable link interface).
Graphic card with dual-card technology is more affordable price alone. The main card mainstream classes, because for class high end GPU the price of an expensive enough, you can imagine if you had to buy two GPUs at once.
Dual-graphics technology will be tested this time the resulting performance compared with the performance of the GPU just one, but we chose the GPU with the same price range. Because the GPU is not necessarily able to overcome a performance by two GPUs at once. Surely there must be more specific about the core clock, memory clock, RAM capacity, RAM type, etc., from a GPU.

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