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Further MIcrosoft front Page

The beginners as well as practitioners in the field of web design using the bulk of these programs in preparing htmlnya page. Further development, the program front page is always launched in conjunction with Microsoft office and even in a single bundle program. When he appeared Microsoft Office 2000, the frontpage also has a version of MS frontpage 2000. Also appeared as MS Office 2002 (MS Office XP), version is also a MS frontpage front page 2002. And the last version released by Microsoft coporation in 2003. All Office 2003 applications naming is always preceded by "Microsoft Office". For a word processing program Microsoft office word 2003, for spreadsheets into Microsoft Office Excel 2003.
In the version after version of Microsoft frontpage 97, or prior versions of Microsoft office frontpage 2003, html editor program is getting a pretty tight competition from other editor is Macromedia Dreamweaver. Because of excellence in the management of layout, graphics and animation, to say the program is able to defeat the editor of the popularity of MS Frontpage. Many web designers are turning to in compiling dreamweeaver macromedia web pages. Besides the ease of entering flash animation, making animatif buttons, interactive scripting script from javascript through behavior and some other facilities, Macromedia Dreamweaver also provides a layout technique is very efficient with very satisfactory results.


"Caffeine has been prepared to provide great energy to google for his algorithm KO Bing microsoft search system and in order to become king in the realm of online searching."
Google the owner of about 2 / 3 of online search market, Google search revealed that no changes need only need a little improvement.
Apart from their competition with Microsoft's latest search engine currently Bing also has replaced the search engine Yahoo!, Google quietly silenced the critics with the release of the new algorithm scheme for their search engine. Caffeine, the algorithm has proved bru google search results more and also much better. Generated content is also much better. By entering a keyword search, Google will issue more search results than the old engine.
Google's latest search engine is actually done in silence still, and Google never announced when they will release Caffeine. If a pair of Google engineers, Sitaram Iyer and att Cutts Caffeine does not post a link on the Google blog, no one knows seorng changes in Google's search system. Thus more search results and better, Google was ready to leave Bing further.......


"Intel is really making a tremendous sensation in terms of technology. Recently we enjoyed intel core i7 processor, this time they launched again I5-core Intel processor."
Having marketed the latest processor intel core i7. This apparently satisfied the company was not made for intel. soon take place, this time they introduced the latest processor intel core I5, which will be followed by intel core i9. It is an extraordinary leap of intelligence. And it is not wrong if their slogan is "leap head" because it is right there.
I5 processor but because this is still very new and not yet marketed in general, only samples for media products are already available. Thus information about this I5 own core also has not fully detailed.
I5-core Intel will use codenames lynfield, arrandale or clarkdale. indeed, if viewed from the road map given schedule by Intel, processors that use codenames will be launched officially in September of this 2009.Processor with codenames will be using Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture and Intel westmere.
Lynfield own coded microprocessor will be integrated with DDR3 memory controller, integrated with PCI express grafihic controller and direct media interface controller that will communicate with the Intel P55 chipset which memilikifitur turbo boost in it. I5 Intel core due to be launched in conjunction with Intel chipset series I5.


"Firewire is more than just a port for data transfer. In the hands of hackers, Firewire can be a deadly weapon. One of them able to break windows logon system".

Utilizing small features contained in fire wire, Adam boileau released the source code that makes anyone can break the windows authentication dialog box on any PC with a Firewire port. This tool is very simple, 200 line script written using the python programming language is useful to take advantage of the features embedded in Firewire port that makes a direct access to the computer memory.
By targeting the vital functions which normally keep the windows authentication system, the tool can save bolieau's security code with a few patches that can pass inspection access password windows.
Bolieau released this script the first time in 2006 and is now ready bolieau released to the public because he thought microsoft did not provide a patch to secure the windows logon authentication system. Bolieau also said that he never saw a script that can open a checking system password of windows vista using the PCMCIA port on the laptop to incorporate a Firewire card and then attack the target laptop after installing the automatic windows Firewire card drivers.
It is important to know that the function is more than just Firewire data transfer, especially Firewire has direct access to direct memory access (DMA). Also worth noting that the techniques described scripts can be used on other operating system, including the mac OS X and Linux, and even some hackers are able to modify the ipod to run attack Firewire DMA.


Data synchronization can be said that the activity is often performed on an application, both among the applications or any hardware. Building a reliable synchronization application is not easy, therefore microsoft synchronization platform that can be implemented with a variety of scenarios.

What does the Microsoft Sync Framework?
Microsoft sync framework is a synchronization platform that allows for collaboration and offline access capabilities to an application, service and hardware. This technology has the characteristics that can make roaming, sharing and communicating with the data offline. By using microsoft sync framework, programmers can create sync ecosystems that can be integrated with any application with the data on the network protocol.

When to use the Microsoft sync framework?
Key Features Microsoft sync framework is the ability to customize the synchronization providers. This provider is a software component that represents a replica to synchronize.
In fact, did we ever make their own synchronization mechanism of the socket and take advantage of database capabilities, but in this case Microsoft has provided a platform that is designed to create a synchronization-based applications.
Some providers are already provided for the synchronization by microsoft sync framework, among others:
* Sync services for ADO.NET. Synchronization for ADO.NET data-based applications
* Sync services for file system
* Sync services for feedsync. For RSS and Atom feeds
If the above synchronization provider is still insufficient, then we can create a custom provider for synchronization.

Crysis Warhead: Modern First Person Shooter

This sequel to crysis does have his own fans, from the first game had appeared attract gamers around the world. Furthermore plots followed meanrik enough, the battle mode which is owned by the major sipemeran also vary. This battle mode come from combat outfit owned, Invisible, super strenght, bulletproof and so on. DirectX10 support for the most prominent here, very different if you only use directX9. But of course if you want to enable DirectX10 you must also have a graphics card is also good, but then we will prove that this game can be played only with the onboard HD 4200 graphics Rodeon.
At default settings, the game is set at 1024x768 resolution with anti-aliasing off, the other components in it began to minimum, mainstream, gamers and enthusiasts. In the default setting and we try to play the game simply can not be played. As our new pad settings on 1024x768, anti-aliasing off and components in mainstream settings, this game could be in play, but the movement is still broken a bit broken and intense that will make you become uncomfortable.


Firmware is between hardware and software. Firmware is software stored in non-volatile memory in the PC. An example is the BIOS firmware system. However, the system BIOS firmware is not the only one found on your system, almost all devices, such as video cards, sound cards, network cards, RAID controllers, hard drives and optical drives have their own firmware.
You should continue to monitor and update the motherboard BIOS the other firmware, but careful in choosing who to use updates. Once again: if it is not broke, do not fix it. But sometimes that decision depends on the age of the device. Newly released devices usually have a few updates at the beginning of the cycle circulation. Over time, update the firmware from a little less and tend to be only minor repairs or adding features.
But the CD / DVD burner included in the exemption. Firmware on the CD / DVD burner has a writing technique that allows the drive to use the maximum writing techniques to various types of media. When there is a new media type is introduced, optical drive manufacturers to update their firmware to support the media. We recommend that you update the firmware CD / DVD burner you every time a new medium


Windows vista emphasized Microsoft's effort to make the system more secure operations. From a user perspective, one that is important is the use of an account with limited rights. Earlier on Windows XP, Microsoft is already pushing this red circumstances, but the right to very limited user whose end makes people lazy to use it.
This new operating system to give more rights to user accounts, thus minimizing the need for an administrator account, If a user needs something that requires administrator privileges, then the administrator can enter the password for a single-use license, can even be done remotely. Of course, this is very suitable for use in dept.covered against malware on windows vista is better. Windows Vista has anti-malware feature that can detect and remove viruses and various other types of malicious software from computers that your computer security is more assured.
There are also hardening windows service that monitors important services windows on the abnormal activity of the system files, registry and network of malware activities. When the action requires administrator privileges, windows vista confirmation before it is done and if there is no confirmation, it can be expected, that it was the work of malware. For the protection of your computers security with windows vista.
In windows vista also included the technology of advanced data protection that guarantees the security of your computer that will reduce the risk of data seen by users who are not eligible.

NORTON 360 version 3.0

"is more complete than antivirus and internet securty"

The sophistication of your PC is not protected do not get the maximum that can be damaged by things that are not in want unnoticed. For complete protection for your PC, Norton 360 version 3.0 is fully present in one package. Symantec scientists evaluate all programming code of its products and all relevant interactions, to produce the maximum protection, to bring you the maximum security applications are the fastest and lightest ever.

FEATURES NORTON that were presented to 360
* Installation - latest installer norton 360 requires only one click of the mouse and the installation process takes only 63 seconds. will not take up your time at all.
* The use of memory - memory your PC will be used only average less than 7 MB, while scanning the system, so that your primary application resource is not disturbed him.
* Left Boot - On a PC with a standard specification, norton 360 version 3.0 it only takes less than 34 seconds to boot, certainly will not make you wait a long time.
* When scanning - scan speed protection using norton 360 version 3.0 is faster 3 times compared to its competitors, so you do not need to waste time in vain in front of your PC just waiting for the scanning process is complete.
* Protect your PC that will update every 5-15 minutes automatically
* Protection of identity, protecting users' personal activities such as the use of email, website and password.
* PC tune up to improve the system manager who has used a PC.
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